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Erica Fay Interiors
Erica Fay Interiors

About Erica Fay

Erica Fay’s innovative approach carefully integrates needs, preferences, space, and the spirit of place to create distinctive interiors. This is Integrative Interior Design. She works with unique clients in varying styles and situations throughout the northeast with projects in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, the Berkshires, as well as out west in Colorado and New Mexico.

With an amazing sense of color and composition, and her understanding of how people need to relate to their home environments, Erica Fay assures you of a design that will enhance your property, your confidence, and your life.

Erica Fay: Bio

Erica Fay spent decades refining her skills with renowned designers such as Suzie Frankfurt and Catherine Caldwell before opening her own practice in the northeast. From the Berkshires to Boston, New York to Connecticut, and Denver to New Mexico, Fay has designed distinctive homes for clients looking to define their space in their own unique way.

Instilling knowledge and confidence in her clients has been an ongoing goal for Fay. To that end she began offering her own workshops “Be Your Own Interior Designer.” The workshops evolved from a non–credit course she created and taught at Berkshire Community College in Great Barrington, Massachusetts in 1997. Her design philosophy is very simple – your environment should reflect and support who you are. Good design is a functional integration of you (your lifestyle, needs, and preferences), the inherent qualities of your space, and your budget.

After working with decorators in Boston, Fay founded Erica Fay Interiors (formerly called By Design Interiors). She had studied at the Emily Griffith Opportunity School and the Metropolitan College in her native Denver, Colorado, before moving on to Newbury College and the New England School of Art & Design in Boston. After moving to the Berkshires in 1991, she spearheaded the formation of the community–based non–profit corporation that restored an 1830’s meeting house and former synagogue to create the Sandisfield Arts Center in Berkshire County, Massachusetts. She has designed the interior sets for several small films.

In addition to design, Fay has an extensive background in dance and choreography. She traveled across the country with her dancing — all the while lovingly creating homes for her family of three sons. She has studied art history, drawing, and photography as well.

She currently resides near Great Barrington, Massachusetts and, as a certified yoga teacher, takes pleasure in helping people enjoy living in their bodies.

"I have known Erica and her work for more than ten years. Her approach to design is person-centered, springing from the personae of her clients. With fresh combinations of colors and texture, she pulls off the unexpected and makes it work. (Who’d-a thought the east wall of my living room should be slate blue? Wow. Gorgeous.) She’s collaborative AND innovative, a sweet combo for the gnarly process of mapping out a one-of-a-kind but livable office or bedroom or hallway. This gal rocks. Hire her."
Kelly T, NYC

“A thousand days at home are a pleasure; an hour away from home is a trial.”
Chinese Proverb